Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Real Estate & #Election2014

The Race is about to begin...
The city clouded with Hoardings & Banners,
The Streets Jammed with Political Rallies,
The Atmosphere Filled with Loudspeakers,
The National Media Miffed with Election campaign,
The Begul of Much awaited Event "The of Great Indian Election 2014" is already Blown.
This Time India can't afford to Vote Irresponsible, Undetermined, Currupt & special mention : The Hyperbol, unexperienced,Budding up Netas.
Hopefully The past Events in Country is good enough to open the eyes of voters.
UPA Govt will & always be Remembered for their
a) Landmark contribution to addon Curruption, Inflation, scams.
b) Failure to control Communal Riots, Natural Calimity crises.
c) Helpless on Insult of Indian Army Soilders.
d) Indian Rupee Record lowest fall.

To be continued...

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