Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Mr Rajivji Patil, The complete Man !

I was always a big Fan of Nana ! The day I entered Mumbai & Headed to Virar local to reach the final destination of Train as well as me.

Virar my first home. After a hectic Shifting day I was exploring Virar 2nd,I was in Nauka Vihar feeding fish.

Geting back then saw the gate & Surrounding from which I entered was Jam Packed by enormous No of people. They all were keenly listning the speech of the fine Orator & Reformer ! I was enchanted towards the voice.

Have seen people talk with sheer pleasure about Nana, His Leadership qualities,Ideas,Reforms, Vision,Corrective measures taken for Vasai -Virar to meke it a much Safer & Better place !

Day I met Mr Rajivji Patil

My findings says he is a person who always Step an extra-mile to provide value added service to City. He is a man with perfectly Framed Ideas. A positive approach to find the Problems & root causes to Cure it completly.

Here sharing...

Mayor Marathon : Dedicated to the Most Loved & Truely Respected Mayor (Shri Rajivji Patil) Fondly called as 'Nana'. 


a) Promoting new talents

b) Focused on two social cause being ‘Save Girl Child’ and ‘No Pollution, Balancing Nature and Environment’.

The second year of healthy run bought some new talents and concepts to marathon, Right from Kids running on wide road, Senior citizen run, this year their was a beautiful fancy marathon concept that has lots of locals walking and running in various attires in group, 3 of the major groups that were seen were a college group promoting ‘Nari Shakti’ (Women Power) and other being ‘Save Nature, Grow Plans, Low Pollution’ and the third one being ‘Stop Girl Child Abortion’. This way the marathon gave quite a boost and awareness when it came to health benefits of running and the social cause covered too.

Small kids in beautiful fancy attires, very old age seniors (women & men) in beautiful sports attire and those coming from far villages in that regular traditional clothes with participant number and other belts were seen in full enthusiastic mood. Cheer leaders from Mulji Mehta school with ‘band baja’ (Musical Instruments) cheering those runners were seen along with water facilities to help those runner cool down and get energized. This was seen all over the run race route.

Ambulance and other first aid facilities were handy.. Makes it a fulproof exemplary marvel

Thanks from a Oblige Citizen !

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